6 Pop-Top Unscented, Durable, and Extra-thick Pampers Complete Clean Hypoallergenic Wet Baby Wipe Packs (336), Dermatologically-tested for Optimum Face, Hands, Bottom Care for Sensitive Baby Skins

  • GENTLE AND SOFT: These unscented hypoallergenic wet baby wipes are tested by top US dermatologists and clinically proven to be gentle on the soft skin of your young ones. Maintain the PH balance, let the baby sleep in peace!
  • COMPLETE CLEANING SOLUTION: One-stop hygienic solution to clean your baby and keep the skin moisturized and fresh. Clean mess quickly; best to keep babyface, hands, and bottom clean and clear.
  • BABY SAFETY FIRST: Complete hypoallergenic solution; free from parabens, alcohol, perfume, and phenoxyethanol to live up to the demanding and delicate skin needs of your baby day and night!
  • LOVED BY MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: These unscented allergy-free baby wipes are loved by nurses, doctors, and pediatricians, always at the forefront of infant care in maternity homes.
  • ALWAYS-MOIST WIPES: The convenient lid does not let the moisture escape from your baby wipes, keeping them fresh and ready to use under all weather conditions.


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Pampers’ complete clean unscented, hypoallergenic wet wipes for infants are formulated with 100% allergen-free ingredients to satisfy the delicate needs of your baby’s skin. The pH-balanced formula provides maximum skincare security to the hands, face, legs, and bottom of your infant. The soft-grip texture dispenses one wipe at a time, limiting wastage. These 20% thick wipes ensure you deliver a soft and comfortable clean to your child’s sensitive skin. Free from harmful dyes, phenoxyethanol, parabens, perfume, and alcohol, these baby wipes are the number one choice for quick, easy, and hassle-free baby cleaning. Top pediatricians, doctors, and nurses leading pediatric care regimes recommend and approve Pampers Unscented Hypoallergenic Baby Wipes. Give gentle motherly love and a soothing cleaning experience to your young ones – keep them safe and clean! Restore the natural pH balance of your infant skin with mild but actionable cleaning solutions!


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